Myxomatosis #11: Summer in Me

Apologies for the lateness by over a week – I’ve been on some much appreciated holidays. On the bright side, you’ll be getting another mix from Laura this coming weekend as well. MP3s raining down everywhere.

Since I’m in a relatively relaxed state of mind (I’m not sure I can ever be completely relaxed – it may require something like the twenty T3s I took after I got my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago), I’ve decided to make a compilation of some breezy, summery tracks. In a way, it’s a complement to Laura’s last mix. What says summer to me? Genres like twee, indiepop, ambient, chamber pop, folk, yé yé, and its Japanese off-shoot shibuya kei. They’re gentle and soothing, and you can imagine yourself swinging in a hammock, swimming in soft focus 60s film reels, or perhaps riding an old-fashioned bicycle with a basket through a European city whilst wearing a cardigan. Ahh…I feel dozy and shambolic just thinking about it.

You get some 60s cool courtesy of Margo Guryan; an underrated glam ballad from John Howard; neo-yé-yé from Coeur de pirate; light, sometimes trippy shibuya kei stylings from Flipper’s Guitar, Dimitri From Paris, and Hong Kong in the 60s; twinkling indiepop from Richard Hawley’s old band Treebound Story and from Stevie Jackson’s solo work away from Belle & Sebastian; dreamy folk by Breathe Owl Breathe and Nick Drake; the chamber pop whimsy of Owen Pallett; and apparently the most calming song in the world by Marconi Union. And of course, quite a bit more.

Download Myxotmatosis #11 here.

Take a Picture – Margo Guryan

You Can Take a Heart, But You Cannot Make It Beat – Hong Kong in the 60s

Summer Beauty 1990 – Flipper’s Guitar

Watercolours Into the Ocean – Destroyer

The Flame – John Howard

Ava – Coeur de pirate

Swimming in the Heart of Jane – Treebound Story

Dead Man’s Fall – Stevie Jackson

E is For Estranged – Owen Pallett

Reveries – Dimitri From Paris

Champagne Coast – Blood Orange

Swimming – Breathe Owl Breathe

No One Likes a Nihilist – The Most Serene Republic

English Electric Lightning – The Wild Swans

Summer In Me – Gentle Despite

Smiling in Slow Motion – Daniel Land and the Modern Painters

Empties – Rob Britton

Sunday – Nick Drake

Stand Where A Fruit Tree Drops the Things It Doesn’t Need – Snowblink

Weightless – Marconi Union

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