From a High Horse is an MP3 blog created by Larissa and Laura. We write about music and any other cultural object that strikes our fancy.


I watched the film Labyrinth approximately 40 times when I was eight years old. This experience had a profound effect on my future musical taste. This experience may or may not have had an effect on my concept of gender.

As I child, I compulsively drew rabbits. This may or may not have had an effect on my future artwork.

I ran my own MP3 blog, Condemned to Rock ‘n Roll, for a couple of years, and discovered that maintaining a blog all by oneself is a difficult task. Especially for an unmotivated procrastinator like me. I hope that adding one more procrastinator to a blog will be more successful.

I’m an anglophile whose life is made meaningful through music and books. My interests also include media and communication studies. I can be contacted at larissa@fromahighhorse.com.


Simply put, my life revolves around music. After countless suggestions from friends and family that I get more involved in music writing, Larissa coincidentally posed the idea of this site to me and here I am. As well, our name comes from the fact that a friend once said to me about my snobbishness: “Laura, you may be short, but your horse is so goddamn high.” My formal qualifications include having seen Jonathan Richman (and his dance moves) live and having touched Jarvis Cocker’s shirt. (He was in it).

When I’m not listening to or writing about (or discussing or thinking about) music, I spend my time wishing I lived in the UK, drinking beer, laughing maniacally, reading books of all kinds, eating sweets, and wearing stripey tops. My interests also include (critical) feminism and gender studies. I can be contacted at laura@fromahighhorse.com.

Artist’s Note: These rabbits are atop very high horses.