FAHH Dream Theatre Episode 1: David Bowie in the Library with a Cookie

From a High Horse Dream Theatre

I’ve had quite a few strange dreams involving famous musicians, with or without consuming cheese before bedtime. I’ve decided to start documenting them in comic strip format.

If I’m Dreaming My Life – David Bowie

The Last Thing You Should Do (featuring Robert Smith and performed live at Bowie’s 50th birthday) – David Bowie

Dream StaticDavid Bowie Panel 2David Bowie Panel 3David Bowie Panel 4David Bowie Panel 5David Bowie Panel 6David Bowie Panel 7David Bowie Panel 8David Bowie Panel 9David Bowie Panel 10Daivd Bowie Panel 11David Bowie Panel 12David Bowie Panel 13David Bowie Panel 14David Bowie Panel 15David Bowie Panel 16Colour Bars


So it begins…

We would like to start this site out properly. Mission and vision statements aren’t really rock ‘n roll. Also, we hardly have either a mission or vision. So, we thought how else to begin but to state a manifesto? Dadaism, Futurism, Vorticism, they all had manifestos. Then again, we don’t really have one. Perhaps they didn’t really either.

Suppose we start at the beginning…

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

22. great horse n. [= French grand cheval] the horse used in battle and tournament; the war-horse or charger . fig. (quot. 1800)

23. high horse n.
a. lit. = great horse n. at sense 22.
c1380 Wyclif Wks. (1880) 475 Þe emperour…made hym & his cardenals ride in reed on hye ors.
a1400–50 Alexander 883 Heraudis on heȝe hors hendly a-rayed.

b. to mount or ride the high horse (colloq.): said of a person affecting airs of superiority, or behaving pretentiously or arrogantly. So on the high horse. Cf. high-horsed adj. at high adj. and n.2 Special uses 1b(b). to come, etc., off one’s high horse , to climb down, to become less arrogant.
1782 T. Pasley Jrnl. 29 June in Private Sea Jrnls. (1931) 252 Whether Sir George will mount his high Horse or be over-civil to Admiral Pigot seems even to be a doubt with himself.
1805 F. Ames Wks. I. 339, I expect reverses and disasters, and that Great Britain, now on the high horse, will dismount again.
1809 B. H. Malkin tr. A. R. Le Sage Adventures Gil Blas I. ii. vii. 252 Riding the high horse with all the arrogance of greatness.
1809 B. H. Malkin tr. A. R. Le Sage Adventures Gil Blas III. ix. i. 372 Do not ride a higher horse than a thousand jockeys of quality whom I could name.
1831 Ld. Granville Let. to Palmerston 4 Feb. in Bulwer Palmerston (1870) II. viii. 38 (note) At one o’clock he [Sebastiani] was warm, warlike, and mounted on his highest horse.
1833 H. W. Longfellow Outre-Mer in Prose Wks. (1886) I. 118 My radical had got upon his high horse again.
1843 Thackeray in Fraser’s Mag. Apr. 469/2 It would be his turn to sneer and bully, and ride the high horse.
1847 C. Brontë Jane Eyre II. ii. 55 She appeared to be on her high horse to-night.
1869 J. R. Lowell Wks. (1890) III. 213 To be sure Châteaubriand was apt to mount the high horse.
1887 G. R. Sims Mary Jane’s Mem. 116 They were awfully civil, and let Mrs. Master John ride the high horse over them.
1920 A. Christie Mysterious Affair at Styles x. 224 I decided that I would descend from my high horse, and once more seek out Poirot at Leastways Cottage.
1928 W. S. Maugham Ashenden ix. 153 Come, come, my dear fellow, do not try to ride the high horse. You do not wish to show me your passport and I will not insist.
1928 Sunday Express 15 Jan. 6/4 The cable companies have come off the high horse at last in entering into negotiations with the wireless group.
1936 A. Christie Murder in Mesopotamia xix. 162 I’d like to see Sheila honest enough to come off her high horse and admit that she hated Mrs. Leidner for good old thorough~going personal reasons.
1950 W. Saroyan Assyrian 219 Only his mother felt that Mayo was not a rude boy, but his father frequently asked Mayo to get down off his high horse and act like everbody else.
1959 Economist 20 June 1079/1 Politicians…riding on high horses.

From the perhaps less reputable, but more succinct website, “Phrase Finder”:

“The first references to high horses were literal ones; ‘high’ horses were large or, as they were often known in mediaeval England, ‘great’ horses. John Wyclif wrote of them in English Works, circa 1380:

Ye emperour… made hym & his cardenals ride in reed on hye ors.

Mediaeval soldiers and political leaders bolstered their claims to supremacy by appearing in public in the full regalia of power and mounted on large and expensive horses and, in sculptural form at least, presented themselves as larger than life.”

A little more history…

The first rock star, Napoleon:


The first offbeat army dreamer to be guided by voices, Joan of Arc, before her Walkman started to melt:

Joan of Arc

The first melancholic rebel, Frederick the Great, composing bedchamber music:

Frederick the Great

The first DIY absurdist, Don Quixote, spiraling after the windmills of his mind (we don’t know whatever happened to Sancho Panza, but we know where Syd Barrett lives):

Don Quixote

Tired of failing like common people, we have mounted our great horses to rock over and through culture. We may just smuggle in some of our own culture and bad references along the way, Trojan and some of them used.

We will totter around in leopard-print platform horseshoes, dancing over collapsing new buildings, Bauhaus and neutral milk hotels. It’s a limbo, it’s a pantomime. It’s the best we can do. Post-nothing. Post-everything. Tied to a post.

At risk of flogging this corpse of a metaphor, we will stop here. Yet actually begin.

And did we mention this blog will be largely about music?

Trojan Horse – Bloc Party

Horse – Brian Eno

10 000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong – Simian Mobile Disco

Ride a White Horse – Goldfrapp

Freddie and the Trojan Horse – The Radio Dept.

Bring on the Dancing Horses – Echo &amp the Bunnymen

Swimming Horses – Siouxsie &amp the Banshees

Horse Riding – Euros Childs

Horseriding – Another Sunny Day

King Horse – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Horseback Tenors – Efterklang

Mine’s Not a High Horse – The Shins

All the Dark Horses – Trashcan Sinatras

The Dream Spider Of The Laughing Horse – Scarlet’s Well

A Wooden Horse – British Sea Power

My Kingdom for a Horse – Frank Turner

Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones

Pantomime Horse – Suede

Gift Horse – Black Box Recorder

White Horses – Dean &amp Britta

I Chose Horses – Mogwai

Darken Her Horse – Austra

Horse and I – Bat for Lashes

Horses with Hands – Teeth of the Sea

Beat the Dead Horse – Timber Timbre

Horses in My Dreams – PJ Harvey

The Dogs &amp the Horses – The Divine Comedy

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